Perfect tips for good web page design

Having a web page is essential for a company to be known. Not only is it a letter of introduction, but, increasingly, it becomes an important channel for attracting customers. Yes, if you have a good web design.

The user expects to relate to the web pages as if he did with a person. That is, he expects the virtual world to be as close as possible to the real world. The design of web pages is a complex task involving many factors that can determine whether a user becomes a client or not. If you want to know what they are, in here we explain them to you.


It is probably the most important aspect of website design. Consistency means that all pages have a common general structure. And this affects both the ease of navigation, as well as the colors, fonts, styles and registers. It says a lot about the image of a company. A good design is the first step towards consistency. And careful work is necessary from the beginning.

Ease of navigation

As we have already pointed out in previous posts, navigation and user experience are key. The structure of the menus and the categorization of the content should ensure that the steps towards conversion are few and simple. Ideally, this process should never be greater than three steps. And the clearer it is, the better. Put yourself in the user’s place and detect those points that may confuse him or cause him to leave the process.

The color of the links already visited

Something is as simple as highlighting the links that the user has already visited is a good example of how to facilitate navigation. The clarity of a web page is that the user knows exactly where it is. What you are looking for and above all, where you have not found it. Unnecessary repetition bothers.

Another important issue is to distinguish the internal links from the external ones. The best way is to make external links open in new tabs so that the user is not invited to leave the page they initially visited.

Visual hierarchy

When a user lands on a website, he or she searches for something specific and finds it depends on the visual presentation of the page. It is recommended that there is not too much text, time is something valuable. The information arrives much more clearly when it is concise, well organized and has visual support. The adaptation to cultural reading patterns (in our context, from left to right and from top to bottom) will also make it easier to arrive directly. The text structure in F or Z is, in this sense, the ones that work best. Alternatively, the grid allows a simple organization of the content so that the movement is only vertical.


The internet greats have repeatedly declared the progressive importance they will give to the quality of the content of the pages. Both Google and Facebook analyze with greater rigor the relevance of the content with respect to its quality and the correctness of its presentation. If we think that 95% of the information on the Internet is in written format, the revision of the texts and the language used is necessary.
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